The First Day

Today’s arrival was fun.

The post office called at 6:46 a.m. to let us know that our chicks had arrived. I went right over to pick them up. The grumpy guy at the post office was in fine form, and was quite efficient at handing the goods over.

I am again impressed with how smart chickens are. I mean really, you open up the box, and there are 50 chicks that were hours old when they were put in the box. They have not yet had anything to eat or drink. I pop them out, one at a time, and dunk their beaks in the water fount to teach them how to drink. They immediately start drinking, and then, after they look to heaven and give thanks for getting out of the box (or maybe it helps them swallow the water, I am not sure) they go right to town pecking at the food I have spread on the floor for them. It is just so cool to see them start eating and drinking so quickly. It always amazes me to see them instinctively do what they were created to do.

Turkeys, on the other hand, have to be shown the water three or even four times before they learn where and what it is. Our turkeys will be here in just a couple of weeks, and then life will get really busy.

Speaking of instincts, a couple of years ago I brought in a few chicks. One of the hens was broody and had been sitting on golf balls for about 6 months. It was the first time I had a broody hen, and so I just let her sit on those golf balls. When I brought those chicks in, and she heard them peeping, and came flying out of the nest box looking all over for them. She was sure that her chicks had arrived at last. I was not sure if it would take, but I put her in with the chicks, and sure enough she tried to adopt them all. There were 25 standard chicks and one bantam hen. She taught them to eat and free range, and even though she was one of our smallest hens, she defended those chicks from all the other hens and our rooster. She showed such attitude in all this that we named her Spunk. She is still setting on eggs at every chance I give her, and she has successfully brooded 2 clutches of turkey chicks. I have lost count of how many of our egg layers got their start under her.

At any rate, it was a good start to this year’s poultry crop. I am looking forward to getting them out on the grass in a week or two, and having them full time on the grass soon after that.

Our estimated processing date for this batch of chickens is July 5th. Anyone interested in purchasing them can contact us before that date. We will have pricing information out shortly.

Farm Fresh Eggs!

Another offering of our small farm is wonderful eggs from free range chickens.

Our chickens are also fed an all natural grain, just like our turkeys. The chickens freely roam the yard, visiting with us whenever we are outside. They especially love when it is compost turning time! They flock to the compost and devour the grubs that are turned over. Currently they are spreading leaf mulch in the garden for us.

The eggs are $3 a dozen. Give a call to check availability!

Two weeks!

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away!

We have all natural, heritage breed turkeys available. They are in the 12-15 lb range.

These pastured turkeys will make an excellent addition to your holiday dinner!

The turkeys are $4.50/lb, reserved with a $20 deposit.

Pick up will be November 27 in Kingston.

Feel free to contact us through the link above, or at (845)334-9144.

Happy Thanksgiving!

23 Days!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

This is possibly our most favorite holiday. Spending the day with friends and family, expressing gratitude for all that we hold dear- what could be better?

One tradition that I really enjoy is our “Thankful Turkey”. We use construction paper to make a shape of a turkey’s body and a variety of colors to make a bazillion turkey feathers. It looks similar to this:

We write out what we are thankful for, one thought per feather, and decorate our turkey. Sometimes the turkey has a huge fan tail!

We still have all natural turkeys available. Most are in the 12-15 lb range, with a couple in the 8-12 lb range. They are $4.50/lb and can be reserved with a $20 deposit.

More information can be found on the October 10th post. Or, please feel free to contact us via the link above or at (845)334-9144.

Check This Out!

Recently we were looking into solar panels, and we were checking our property out on satellite photos for panel placement.

We were shocked to see that the tracks where we had moved our turkey & chicken tractors were clearly visible.  We knew they eat a lot of grass, but not that they ate enough for it to be viewed from space!

The structure in the middle by the tree is one of our turkey tractors.  We move it every morning so they have fresh grass to feed on, and you can see exactly where they were for the last 8 days.  The chicken tractor is the smaller one at the bottom of the photo and you can count it’s track for about the past 15 days.

Turkey path

The solar panels are not looking like they will work out, but this was a fun discovery!

To order your GRASS FED Holiday Turkey check out the next post.

It’s Turkey Time Again!

Our turkeys for the upcoming holiday season are ready to be pre-ordered!

These turkeys are all natural, heritage breeds. They have been raised on pasture in an outdoor movable pen that is moved to fresh grass daily.

Our turkeys love being in the fresh air, having access to fresh grass, bugs, and an all-natural feed. They are antibiotic and hormone free.

Available November 27 for pick up in Kingston.

The hens will weigh between 12-18 lbs, and the toms can weigh up to 25 lbs!

You can reserve a turkey with a $20 non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the cost is due when you pick up your turkey.

Contact us with the size of turkey you would like to reserve and we will do our best to match you up with the right size bird.

Chickens are ready! And turkeys are coming soon.

This coming Sunday will we will have more fresh, all natural, pastured chickens ready for purchase.

These birds have been loving the weather and enjoying being outside eating grass and bugs. Being in a pen, moving to fresh grass daily, means these are healthy, happy birds!

The chickens will average 6lbs and cost $3.50 per pound. They will be packaged whole in shrink wrap freezer bags. If you would like them cut up, we can take care of that for an additional fee.

The chickens will be ready Sunday, September 29, between 11 and 2 pm or by appointment.

Our turkeys are also growing nicely! We will have turkeys ready for pick up Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Keep checking as soon we will have ordering information up on our site.

Send us an email to order or to request more information. Just click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page!